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Cap-Thin Molds Provides Value, Performance & Cost-Effective Injection Mold Services

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Cap-Thin Molds in Mississauga, ON is more than just a mold maker. We are an innovative, technologically advanced and cost-effective mold maker. We thrive on being cost effective. We offer a highly competitive cost structure and complete turn key solutions from concept to full production.

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We’re easy to do business with! Don’t just take our word for it:

"Cap-Thin Molds' recent mold refurbishment work resulted in a 15% gain in productivity. Once the mold was sent to Cap-Thin Molds, they quickly turned it around, providing us with a fully tested mold ready to run in our facility. Cap-Thin Molds is so reliable!! The Cap-Thin Molds engineering team also supports Goya's research and development work by providing new ideas and concepts to meet our packaging needs. Cap-Thin Molds' innovation, predictability, quality and performance produce cost effective results for Goya Foods." – Goya De Puerto Rico, Inc

"Cap-Thin Molds has proven to share Ideal's philosophy by providing innovative, high quality tooling and responsive service. At Ideal, we consider Cap-Thin Molds to be a highly valued supplier and a partner in every sense of the word." - Ideal Industries (Canada), Corp.

Product Development

  • Fully hardened, interchangeable mold inserts
  • Interlocked core to cavity alignment
  • Optimized cooling and venting
  • Stainless Steel mold base
  • Direct bolting to machine mold mounting
  • Tested mold, complete with test report

Water Filter

  • 16 Cavity Mold
  • Husky Hot Half
  • 4 Gram, PP Part with numerous, intricate shut-offs
    • Reduced cycle by 20% over previous 8 cavity mold

Water Ties

  • 96 Cavity Molds
    • 0.8 gram, PP part
    • Previous mold was a 64 cavity
    • Reduced cycle time by 40%
    • Successfully completed
  • Flip Top Closures
  • Unscrewing Caps
  • Bump Off Caps
  • Tamper Evident Caps
  • Thin Wall Containers & Lids
  • Cosmetic Care Containers
  • Personal Care Product Containers
  • 3-Dimensional Concept Models
  • Determination of QC Measurement Techniques and Methodologies
  • Food Packaging Containers
  • Medical Product Containers & Lids
  • Product Drawings
  • Prototype Molds
  • Quality Control and Inspection
  • Reverse Engineering
  • SLA Modeling
  • Smooth Transition to Production Tooling
  • Improve Part Quality
  • Light-Weighting Programs
  • Optimized Mold Ability
  • Reduce Cycle Times
  • Reduce Resin Costs
  • Reduce Tooling Costs

Do you have a plastic product development or optimization requirement? Is your product development staff overloaded? If so, contact Cap-Thin Molds today by email.


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