Why Cap-Thin Molds

Cap-Thin Molds of Mississauga, Ontario has made a strategic business decision to offer its clients more than just a mold—we will ensure the project is successful!

  1. Client Profitability
    • Lowest part cost
    • Provide the best molds in terms of operational efficiency, requiring minimal operator supervision, providing the lowest scrap rates
    • Predictability
    • Willing to make guarantees and back them up in writing
    • Deliver on time, fully functional molds ready to run in the client's facility
  2. Customer Intimacy
    • Focused on developing long term relationships that are based on value
    • Attain an in depth understanding of our client's business that will allow us to develop an implicit understanding of their needs, reducing communication, errors and costs
  3. Easy to do Business With
    • Quick turnaround time on inquiries
    • Fast answers to complex issues
    • Flexibility - we listen!
    • More experience = less risk
  4. Front End Support
    • Fully support your inquiries - will do more than just quote a mold!
    • Spend time with clients at the inquiry stage to optimize mold and part designs, reducing the cost of the project.
    • System configuration:
      • Mold size
      • Hot runner selection
      • Machine size and option requirements
      • Product handling alternatives
      • Cycle estimates
  5. Value
    • Full engineering support, including:
      • Product design and development
      • Mold design optimization
      • 3D mold designs
      • Completely detailed mold components
    • Project management services, including:
      • Project plan, including schedule
      • Formal kick off, design review and progress update meetings
      • Complete document control, including change notices
    • High quality molds:
      • Fully hardened, completely interchangeable molding inserts
      • Pre-hardened, stainless steel mold bases
      • Fully interlocked core to cavity alignment
      • Completely optimized cooling and venting
      • Adjustment or tuning of critical sizes