Our Services

Our Services Flowchart

Cap-Thin Molds in Mississauga, Ontario is more than just a mold maker. We offer comprehensive support services to our clients that will save them time and money.

Product Development

Speed to market is crucial to remaining competitive. By offering plastic product development services, Cap-Thin Molds can effectively reduce this time. These services include:

  • 3 Dimensional Concept Models
  • Product Drawings
  • Reverse Engineering
  • SLA Modeling
  • Prototype Molds
  • Quality Control and Inspection
    • Determination of QC measurement techniques and methodologies
  • Smooth Transition to Production Tooling

Other related product design services include:

  • Optimized Mold-Ability
    • Reduce tooling costs
    • Reduce cycle times
    • Improve part quality
  • Light-Weighting Programs
    • Reduce resin costs
    • Reduce cycle times

Do you have a plastic product development or optimization requirement? Is your product development staff overloaded? If so, contact Cap-Thin Molds today at sales@capthinmolds.com.

Research and Development

Our experienced team provides clients with the support necessary to develop new, proprietary technologies in record time at low cost. Cap-Thin Molds has the innovation and flexibility to meet your bold goals. Challenge us today at sales@capthinmolds.com.

Mold Repair, Refurbishment and Maintenance

In today's economy, getting the most out of a tooling investment is a priority. Cap-Thin Molds offers mold repair and refurbishment services for not only the molds it has built, but for molds built by other mold makers.

We will work with your production team to thoroughly plan the refurbishment process so the amount of down time is minimized. Once the mold is received, it will be completely dismantled and inspected to verify the corrective action. If the drawings and math data have gone missing, Cap-Thin Molds has the capability to reverse engineer the mold to regenerate the information. Once complete, the molds are fully tested, delivered ready to run in your facility.

Are you experiencing high scrap rates from your mold? Is your mold running as efficiently as it did when it was new? See what money can be saved by contacting Cap-Thin Molds today at sales@capthinmolds.com