Packaging Markets

Cap-Thin Molds in Mississauga, Ontario offers product development support along with prototype and production molds for applications that include:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Personal Care and Cosmetics
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical

Products included in this segment are:

  • Deodorant Cases
  • Water and Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) Tamper Evident Beverage Closures
  • Vials and Push & Turn Closures
  • Dispensing (Flip Top) Closures
  • Dairy and Hot Fill Closures
  • Aerosol Caps
  • Detergent Measuring Caps and Spouts

Proven Performance and Reliability

Recently, a client had to increase their output of a part that had complex surfaces and numerous shut offs. Cap-Thin Molds supplied a mold that ran 20% faster with double the number of cavities. The mold was delivered on time and went into production immediately after a planned adjustment was made to arrive at final sizing.

A high level of mold design expertise combined with very precise machining is required to ensure a mold will produce complex components within their specified tolerance and remain flash free.

Our expert team of mold design engineers working in 3D Solid Works develops leading edge mold designs that ensure high performance and reliability. Our state of the art manufacturing capabilities produce fully hardened tooling within tolerances of 0,005 mm (.0002"). This not only produces quality parts, but allows for complete component interchangeability, necessary to meet the high volume demands of the packaging markets.

Product Design and Development

A new client came to Cap-Thin Molds to develop a novel looking deodorant case. The team at Cap-Thin Molds came up with a product design that demanded a complicated parting line arrangement. After the design was approved, Cap-Thin Molds produced the prototype molds for the entire package, including the body, elevator, platform and cap. Upon completion of the product's development, Cap-Thin Molds went on to build all the production molds for the program. Our efforts resulted in the client getting their idea to market in less than 5 months.

Who better than a mold maker experienced in product design to bring your products to market faster?

At Cap-Thin Molds, we can also economically meet your specific production requirement by offering either small, single face molds or large, multi-cavity stack molds for demanding packaging applications.