Cosmetic Market

Cap-Thin Molds offers product development support along with injection molds for both medical disposables and devices. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, our team of professionals is adept at meeting the challenges associated with the design, development, and manufacture of parts and molds certified for use in class 100,000 clean room environments.

Proven Innovation

Chronic cracking in an oral device from a competitor's mold had increased over time to the point where the scrap rate had reached 90%. The client called on us to come up with a solution that would eliminate this issue in a new mold. Cap-Thin Molds' guaranteed approach successfully resolved the problem and at the same time, reduced the mold size so it could fit into a smaller molding machine.

Reliability = On Time Mold Delivery plus On Time Mold Start Up

A new client manufacturing disposable medical components expressed surprise when our first mold for them produced parts that could immediately be sent to Quality Control after its first test. The parts quickly passed the QC tests and the mold went into production months ahead of the client's scheduled start-up date.

In today's competitive environment, delivering a mold on time is not good enough. Time to market is critical so the mold start-up must be predictable. A high level of mold design expertise combined with very precise machining is required to ensure a mold will produce components that are within their specified tolerance and are flash free.

Our expert team of mold design engineers working in 3D Solid Works develops leading edge mold designs that ensure high performance and reliable start-ups. Our state of the art manufacturing capabilities produce fully hardened tooling within tolerances of 0,005 mm (.0002"). This not only results in quality parts at the initial start-up, but allows for complete component interchangeability, necessary to meet the high volume demands of the disposable markets. These capabilities also include the mold polishing skill necessary to meet optical grade molding surface finishes required in petri dishes and well plates.